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"Photography is about capturing people in real moments. Capturing the emotions through images that remain in our hearts forever...this is my passion!" 

About Bad Monkey Photography

Rummy Evans is an experienced professional freelance photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She specializes in natural light photography to continuously encompass passion for capturing life's emotions.

Available for both personal or corporate shoots. Contact Rummy at info@badmonkeyphotography for further information.



On January 4, 2017 I met Zoomer, a 6 week old boxer puppy. When it came time for Zoomer to have her "bathroom" break (modelling is a tough job) I thought I might as well come along (who could resist that cute pink jacket) never expecting I would capture this...

On December 10, 2016  I had the honor of meeting Connor, an amazing little boy who was in the biggest fight of his life. Surrounded by his family and friends I witnessed first hand to what strength and love not only looks like but feels like. To capture tiny moments of pure love embraces and embodies exactly why photography is my passion. Connor's little hand reaching out for Grandpa's....holding on was all he needed for a moment of strength and peace...a picture that may look so simple yet symbolizes so much more. The safety captured while being in daddy's arms. The unconditional priceless love he showed every time he looked up at his mom from her loving embrace. This is what love is. Cancer cannot shatter hope. Cannot silence faith and courage. Most of all it cannot destroy love....   Heaven gained an angel December 30, heart still breaks for his family and he will always hold a special place in my heart....



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